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    i said UM really loudly when i read this just no this is bad :(
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    hahahaha this is so horrible “Cook Islands where ancestors of Captain Bligh’s men founded their own society amongst the...
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    Post-League of Extraordinary GentlemenandalsoMinaHarkerwhoisactuallythebrainsoftheoperation a mate got me King Solomon’s...
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    Really nothing to add here. Holy carp.
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    What on the face of Demeter’s green Earth is this horseshit??
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  10. chromaticdebutante said: I wonder if a story about chromatic explorers finding evidence of a lost “tribe” of white people would make the cut? Gah, now I want to write it!
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    ugh fuck this shit. i already have a hard time convincing people that von daniken is not the gospel.
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    let us not forget to add Privileged in there too
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    the commentary on these is amazing, though for me when i was reading the call for submissions all the words just kind of...
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    Futhermore, what exotic mystical curse was cast upon Eric G. Guignard’s face?
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    Aside from all the obvious flaws already pointed out, this call for submissions just sounds boring.
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    He proposes to pay you $40 for your work, give or take. He estimates that he will pay 22 authors a total of $880 for his...
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    Because the world needs yet another Magical Honky anthology!
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