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you guys

you guys who are enthusiastic users of the diva cup and similar products

i’m really glad for you

really they sound cool and i’m interested in trying one someday

and i get that you’re very enthusiastic for other people to try them

but stop making these posts implying that everyone who isn’t using one right this second is stupid or failing themselves/the environment/gender in some way.

i have yet to see a user endorsement of these products anywhere INCLUDING ON FEMINIST BLOGS, FROM FEMINIST USERS, AND THE LIKE that did not include some bizarre and ridiculous measure of superiority or nasty shaming. it is honestly perplexing as fuck. do you not realize how shitty that is? don’t fucking tell other people how they should be handling their periods (or they’re stupid, lol!) by all means recommend, be enthusiastic, whatever, but you have to get this “i’ve reached the apex of how to handle my monthly uterus rodeo” attitude the fuck out of here. it’s not your business why or why not someone is doing something regarding the management of their own body, even if you’re certain you know a way to make it easier for them. you know better than this. adding elements of shame or “you’re doing it incorrectly” to something intended to help someone is awful. stop it.

(this is not the time to tell me how much you love yours, fyi.)